How Weengs is Making Shipping Easier for London’s eBay Sellers

Whether you’re getting rid of a few old items or selling goods on eBay as part of your own home business, the pains of shipping are the same. Finding a box that’s just the right size, avoiding bulk while still ensuring your items are packed carefully and securely, taping, printing address labelsand that’s all before you’ve even left the house to stand in that dreaded post office queue.  

Weengs takes care of the hassle of packaging and shipping, helping eBay sellers all over London use their valuable time for what actually matters and allowing you focus on the things you love doing. As we welcome 2016, we can’t think of a better resolution than to make things a little bit more about you.

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Ready to treat yourself this year? Here’s how Weengs can help:


Weengs Shipping Parcel


Pick up at your door within 30 minutes

No need to add shipping to your long list of errands, slog the kids to the post office, or schedule a collection that keeps you waiting at home for hours. With the Weengs app, you can schedule a pick up anytime during our business hours and a verified Weengs Angel will be at your door within 30 minutes.

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Professional packaging

No need to buy special shipping materials and hunt down that perfect box. We’ll collect your items unboxed and transport them carefully to our packaging centre, where they’ll be handled and packaged with top-quality materials and the same love and attention we’d give our own items.

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Shipping at the best price

The post office doesn’t always offer the best price, but that’s what we’re here for. After packaging your item(s) in a best-fit box to ensure it’s as small as possible, we compare prices among all major carriers based on the weight, dimensions, destination, and requested delivery speed. We eliminate the time you’d spend researching domestic and international shipping and choose the very best available price based on your specific needs.

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All with just a tap

With our eBay integration tool, shipping with Weengs has never been so easy. Your eBay listings show up directly in our app, allowing you to request a shipment with a simple click. There’s no need to take a new photo or type in a destination addressjust tap the items you’re ready to send and request your pick up, It’s that easy.

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Why Weengs Is A Top Choice For Boutique Shops


If you’re a boutique owner, it’s important to know why Weengs offers partnerships that align with specific needs. Boutiques are usually small business owners that need personalized shipping service. With Weengs, you have a shipping service that responds to customer orders when minutes matter.

Once Weengs picks up your order, all the packaging is done for you, making products easy to ship. That also means better protection for goods like porcelain, expensive clothing, or delicate furniture — all key items for many boutiques. The best part? Packaging is entirely free.

Boutique owners also want to save money on shipping. By performing price analysis in real-time for each order, Weengs determines which shipping option will help you save the most, meaning more money to put back into your business. For those companies with a large volume of shipping, Weengs offers serious discounts to help you save money. Check out our competitive business prices at our page here.

Ultimately, Weengs is expected to grow rapidly as retailers and boutiques demand lightning fast and dependable shipping for their customers.

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The Trouva Partnership Produces Results

For retailers who want to deliver the best customer experience, offering quick and reliable shipping is key. That’s why Trouva, an online retailer who works with 150 of the UK’s finest independent boutiques, has now partnered with Weengs for shipping solutions that deliver quick and hassle-free package delivery. With Weengs’ shipping app growing in popularity, more and more retailers like Trouva are turning to Weengs to ensure the fastest, cheapest and most dependable shipping to anywhere in the world.

Trouva & Weengs

Trouva is an online retailer that sources unique, fashion and lifestyle products from boutiques across  the UK. However, the diversity of sources represents shipping challenges for Trouva.

Trouva had a major challenge with handling logistics for the many of the small shops under their umbrella. Trouva wanted to offer their customers a reliable experience, but some of their shops took their time to ship items. At the same time, Trouva would experience difficulty when customers ordered goods from multiple different shops. Trouva couldn’t merge shipments that were ordered from different stores, presenting a logistical nightmare.

Weengs came to the rescue. Weengs Angels quickly pick up all orders within the Trouva network. From there, all of these different shipments are merged in the Weengs’ warehouse. That meant Weengs packed all of Trouva’s goods and shipped them on time, helping to drive Trouva’s business forward. On top of that, Weengs ensures that all items have the right customs for international shipments, removing another major headache for Trouva’s shipping operations.

Of course, Weengs provides tracking and accountability for each shipment directly through the Weengs app, which gives Trouva’s customers the confidence they’re working with a brand they can trust. Quick shipping, efficient merging of multiple orders, and reliable service are why companies like Trouva are choosing Weengs for their shipping needs.

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3 Benefits of Using Weengs for Gift-Wrapping this Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the bend, and while that means merriment and cheer are on the way, it also means that some stress may be pending, too. Gearing up for the holidays is a particularly hectic time, with the need to arrange family travel plans, attend end-of-the-year parties and events and, of course, prepare holiday gifts. A lot goes into giving just the right gift to the people you love, and the way you package it can be just as time consuming.

However, you don’t have to let gift-wrapping stress you out. There’s a new service in town that can make gift-giving easier than ever this year. Weengs is an on-demand courier, packaging and shipping app that can handle all the pesky logistical details of getting your gifts wrapped and in the right hands.

It’s simple

With Weengs, wrapping and sending a gift is as simple as pressing a few buttons. All you have to do to get your item to the company is snap a photo using the Weengs app and select a few options for sending it (including the gift wrap you want). Weengs will handle the rest. Within half an hour, the company will send a courier anywhere in a 30-minute radius of London to pick up the gift. Then they will put it in the right packaging and send it to wherever you want it to go, cutting down a lot of stress and effort on your part.

It has awesome gift wrap options

When you send your gifts with Weengs, you won’t just end up with boring, plain-looking boxes. Instead, Weengs offers a selection of three distinct wraps, each with a separate story, so that you can tailor the gift to the personality of the person who will receive it.

One of Weeng’s gift wrap options comes from The store’s cranberry gift wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles and polyester, so it’s good for the environment. The gift wrap is also eco-friendly because it is fastened using a cord and button — which means you can reuse it again and again. Traditionalists will love it, even though it’s cutting edge; the paper is designed to make that iconic crackling sound, so it will sound like opening the presents you did when you were a kid.

Weeng’s second gift wrap option is a super-funky paper, designed with a banana-themed print. Created by US pop-vintage illustrator Andy Rementer, the wrap is bold and bright — fun enough to wrap a present with, and beautiful and artistic enough to frame and hang on your wall.

The last gift wrap option you can choose from Weengs is also a work of art. Created by Sukie, the Kittens and Puppies paper is friendly and fun, yet sophisticated. The paper is printed using original techniques like screen printing, and it’s also made from eco-friendly recycled or reused papers.

It’s affordable

One of the best benefits of Weengs is that it is an affordable way to send your items. Weengs compares the most competitive carriers to ensure you are receiving the cheapest price. Save your money to spend on fun holiday events and nicer gifts for the people you love, not the logistics of sending them from one place to another.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and cheer, not anxiety. Choose Weengs to wrap and send your gifts, and it will help ensure that all of your days end up very merry and bright.

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eBay Sellers Take Off with Weengs Shipping Integration

Getting customer packages out quickly and efficiently is what separates five-star eBay sellers from those with negative feedback. Courier services don’t offer on-demand pickup and neither do shipping companies, but there are alternatives that integrate directly with your existing eBay sellers account. With Weengs, you handle the sales, and we handle the shipping.

How It Works

When you use Weengs for shipping your eBay sales, all you need to do is request a pickup. We have an angel (our couriers) at your door within 30 minutes of the request. Then, we package it professionally for shipping and find the cheapest price for transport. There are no packaging or price comparisons on your end. The best part is our new, seamless integration. Follow these simple steps to start shipping with Weengs today!

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Weengs Version 1.1

Weengs 1.1

“Exciting” and “shipping” may not be two words you’re used to using in the same sentence. However, now that Weengs has released its updated version of the app — you may just want to start.

Weengs is a mobile courier, packaging and shipping app that has revolutionised the concept of on-demand shipping in the London area. With Weengs, all you have to do is download the app, take a picture of the item you want to send, and add the recipient’s address. We’ll send someone to pick it up within 30 minutes (or less), pack it, search for the lowest-cost carrier and ship it to wherever you want it to go.

The original Weengs service was pretty outstanding — with the recent update to our app, our offerings are even more convenient and customised than ever before.

Gift Wrapping

Do you want to get everyone their Christmas presents before the holiday, without the hassle of wrapping and sending every one? Weengs can help. In Version 1.1 of our app, we offer gift-wrapping selections so you can customise your gifts and tailor them to each recipient. We offer three eco-friendly gift wraps, each with its own unique story, so you can ensure your gifts will arrive along with a little personality and flair.

eBay Integration

Are you an eBay seller? The Weengs update can make your selling experience easier than ever. Now, you can link your Weengs account to your eBay account and send the items people buy from you — in professional packaging — with just the tap of a button. Simply select the purchased items; Weengs will send a courier within 30 minutes to grab the item and send it on its merry way.

Extended Area Coverage

Before our update, Weengs only catered to an area within a 30-minute radius of London. Now, we serve the area within 60 minutes of the city’s centre. If you live close to town, you can avoid the hassle of going to the post office to ship your goods — just rely on us to pick up, package and send them for you. To learn more about our coverage area, check out this link.

Detailed Tracking

No one wants to worry about whether their packages arrive safely or not. Weengs’ update can help give you peace of mind because the app now offers a detailed tracking feature. We’ll let you know where your package is, while it’s in the shipping process – whether we’re in the midst of gift wrapping it or it’s already arrived at its intended address.

Weengs is committed to making the shipping process simpler and more convenient across London. As we continue to update our app, we hope we make it even easier — and more fun! — to send shipments, pick presents and give gifts.

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